A selection of my published works.


  • Saveur, “Friend of a Farmer”, November 2008
  • German Life, “Home is Where the Harvest Is”, February/March 2009


  • Storied Dishes, contributed the essay “A Spoonful of India.”
  • Entertaining from Ancient Rome to the Super Bowl, contributed entries on German wedding traditions and the Food Network


Noodle Tuesday

Every Tuesday evening I go to my favorite noodle shop in the West Village and order a steaming bowl of Tom Yum Bouillabaisse and a glass of Thai red wine. Week after week my order is the same. I crave the tangy, spicy soup filled with baby clams, shrimp, and slivers of sweet scallop. After…


Chaat: It’s Just Dis ‘n Dat

Chaat, which means “to lick”, has been sold on the streets of India “forever”, according to Sunseeta Vaswani, author of Easy Indian Cooking. Though the beloved street food may lack historical background, it certainly doesn’t fall short on flavor or texture. Vaswani defined chaat as “seemingly disparate ingredients randomly thrown together to become something that’s…